Gaganpreet Kaur
Air India

Guljar Singh
Delhi Airport

Gurmeet Singh Rehal

Jatinder Singh Oman
Airways Ground Staff

Kiran Badyal
Oberoi Group of Hotels

Mandeep Singh Sahni
Taj Hotel

Manoj Chaudhary
Qatar Airways Ground Staff, Doha

Manpreet Kaur
Indian Princess
2nd Runnerup

Meenu Verma
Indigo Airlines, CSA

Niharika Kamal
United Airlines Back Office

Pavneet Kaur
Qatar Airways Cabin Crew, Doha

Delhi Airport

Sachin Sharma
Travel Agency, Mohali

Shivam Bhardwaj
Airindia Ground Staff

Simrandeep Kaur
Holiday INN Front Office Trainee

Sumeet Kaur
Burger King Assist
Manager Freiburg, Germany

Sunita Kumari
Jaipur Airport

Surmukh Singh
Travel Agency

Tarun Kumar
Jet Airways CSA Chandigarh

Virpal Kaur
Cleopetra Salon

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"Wow! What an experience of working in travel industry. Thanks IGIA for helping me make a career in this industry.”

Cox & Kings

“I used to see a no. of new academies springing up everyday. In such a confusing scenario I decided for IGIA because they have an experience of more than 6 years. Today I am glad I selected IGIA. I recommend IGIA over any others because the training they provided proved helpful to me not only in my selection but also in my everyday work as a Cabin Crew.”




"I will never forget the first time I flew solo in only my 15th hour and the perfect landing I made. Now when I think about it, I find that it was made possible only because of the superlative ground class provided by IGIA instructors. Thanks IGIA for everything.”


“My passion coupled with IGIA’s guidance has helped me realize my desire to be a Pilot. It is exhilarating, when you soar into the sky higher than everything. I am glad I got the excellent faculty at IGIA and I have obtained my CPL with flying colours.”




"I never realized that the Travel industry has such beautiful career opportunities. I have visited more than 12 countries in the last one year and am looking forward to even more. The best part is that I am paid handsomely to travel and see the world. I will always be thankful to IGIA. It is only because of IGIA’s training that I find myself giving best performance all the times. Frankly there is no better career than in travel.”


“When I find my parents & my friends appreciating me, I think I should thank IGIA for that. Without the support & the faculties of IGIA, I would not have been where I am today.”




“It is great pleasure that to work in an international environment of an airline and I thank IGIA wholeheartedly. I want to thank the whole faculty of IGIA who cleared all my doubts and the immense support provided by the center manager & others. I feel great to the highly beneficial training provided to me at IGIA.”

Indigo Airlines

“It was not even able to speak at all initially least to talk of fluently. But today I thank IGIA and its faculty along with my determination to improve my personality and confidence. The personal attention I got and the constant motivation provided at IGIA has entirely changed me. Now I am confident. I can face an audience and most important I have a great career. “

GE Money



“I would like to thank IGIA to help me understand the industry and hone my skills and raise my confidence level to such an extent that I feel I can conquer the world now.”


“You will actually know about this field when you work for yourself. It is sheer hard work and performance oriented. I am happy that I was trained well to work in this ‘high demand high reward industry.’ Soon I expect to be promoted and my training at IGIA is helping me at every step of my career.”




“Working in Aviation industry is highly demanding. I thank IGIA to train me and make me work with Air India. I am glad I got great faculties who understood the requirements of each student and helped them in every way possible.”


“At IGIA I learned all the things in a very short time and now I have been selected by one of the world’s best airline Singapore Airlines. I thank IGIA all the way.”

Singapore Airlines



People didn’t believe when I say that I always wanted to be an Air Hostess. I used to see a no. of new training academies springing up every day. In such a confusing scenario I decided for IGIA because they have an experience of more than 6 years. Today I am glad I selected IGIA. I recommend IGIA over any others because the training they provided proved helpful to me not only in my selection but also in my everyday work as Cabin Crew.”

Kingfisher Airlines

“To begin with, I wasn’t sure of my skills for the aviation sector. The training provided to me at IGIA made me believe in myself and develop those skills which today help me to perform well. I am glad I joined IGIA.”




“I had almost decided to join a leading Air Hostess Training institute because they said that they have their own aircraft. But because I wanted to join an airline at the earliest, I joined IGIA. Today I feel happy that I saved a big amount of fee that would have been wasted if I had joined there. IGIA truly helped me in my aspiration to work in Aviation sector.”

Jet Airways

“I wish all the best to the students who are training at IGIA. They have made a right choice like me and if they respond well to the great and industry specific training imparted at IGIA, I feel they also surely will make a good career in this field.”




“The knowledge I gained in my course and the support provided by IGIA and its faculty is the only reason I got selected by Air Deccan. Thank you all at IGIA. The course is absolutely perfect and just the right duration and does not waste any time. Thanks.”

Air Deccan

My Parents are proud of me. My friends are proud of me. My neighbors are proud of me and some are jealous also. But I am proud of IGIA and of my decision to join IGIA. Highly effective course and short course duration helped me start my career within six months. Thanks IGIA.”

HMS Host



“The training at IGIA is great fun with lot of activities thrown in to improve the personality of all the students. Just after the conclusion of the course I got the placement with the sincere efforts of IGIA branch Manager and the other very helpful staff. I feel honoured when I receive praise from my seniors. My sincere thanks to IGIA”

Bangalore Airport

“I was always confident but was unable to crack aviation interviews. Something was missing. But thanks IGIA, after completing my course I understood that knowledge along with the finesse and the right attitude are very important to work in Aviation. Here at IGIA I learnt all that and then the way I faced the interviews was entirely different. All thanks to the great trainers at IGIA.”

Bangalore Airport



“I will miss my time spent at IGIA. But when I use the skills learned at IGIA now, I feel happy that I made a right decision. Thanks a lot to IGIA to develop self-belief and overcoming my fears and for a great career!”


“The transformation from a shy girl to a highly confident one is possible. I did this at IGIA and will never forget the impact IGIA had on me.”




“IGIA has done what I could not do throughout my student life. They trained me superbly and most importantly polished me in such a way that today when I modulate my voice and speak on Public Address system, I almost get a high. They made me believe in myself. Great! ”

Bangalore Airport

“The world is a fascinating place and it has made my dream of seeing the world true. I now know about almost all the tourist places on earth and expect to visit most of these places in the next few years only. I thank IGIA trainers and its placement support provided to me. Thank you for making me see the world.”

Neptune Travels



“My father is a farmer and is very proud of me as a daughter who can compete with the best even from the city. I thank you IGiA for developing in me a high level of confidence and grooming to make me make a rewarding career in Hospitality industry.”

Café Mocha

“Thank you sir for helping me start my career even before completing my course.”

Aurora Towers



“Handling high profile passengers and foreigners from different countries is highly challenging. It has given me an international exposure an grown my confidence to the highest level. I can only thank IGIA’s trainers’ extra efforts and the personal attention provided to me. I now can turn all my dreams into reality.”

Bangalore Airport

“Being a bubbly girl that I was I thought I can make a good career in the aviation field. But I had to learn how to channel my energy and bring professionalism into my personality. I learned that at IGIA. I thank IGIA for giving me a direction.”




“My thanks to all the IGIA family and for their support.”

Om Tourism

“My sincere thanks to IGIA! The experience shared by the IGIA trainers has helped me a lot and I never felt like a fresher when I joined by new job. I was very much ready to start work from day one. I enjoy tourism field and find so many opportunities to grow along with an opportunity to see the world.”\

Cox & Kings



“IGIA helped me a lot. A lot of thanks to all and specially to my trainers.”


“There is nothing better than to apply the knowledge gained in your training and getting rewarded for the performance. I am grateful to IGIA for shaping my career. My desire has been fulfilled all because of the extra efforts and personal attention given at IGIA by the faculties.”




“IGIA helped me a lot. A lot of thanks to all and specially to my trainers.”

Ground Staff

“Though it took me quite a few interviews to get my desired job but finally I got through when I applied my knowledge which I learned from various projects done at IGIA. IGIA training is very precise and I thank everybody with my heart. It was great time at IGIA.”




“The moment I completed my Diploma I knew my great training at IGIA will help me get the job without any problems. When I faced my first interview I felt normal as I have already prepared for the same beforehand at IGIA and got selected easily. I am grateful to IGIA in helping me start my career so early.”

HMS International

“Thanks IGIA for giving me a career path so early in my life. Now that this path is taking me through to the most interesting tourist places in the world it is all because of IGIA and its training to acquire and apply the skills.”

Om Tourism


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