Duaration               1 Year (Approx.)
Max. Duration :      3 Years
Eligibility :                10+2 in any stream or equivalent

This one year Diploma course is designed to transform your life. This course is meant for the people who like to become an Airhostess and Care in the Air.™ Many young people opt for cabin crew as a full-fledged career prospect because of the high salaries, exciting experience of flying and interacting with different kinds of people on board and visiting several countries. The liberation of the Indian skies has thrown open a lot of job opportunities in this field. This profession requires lot of hard work, commitment, smartness and total dedication. The job entails performing safety and service duties which ensure that air travelers are flying in a safe environment, whilst receiving excellent standards of friendly service. Life is always varied when you work as cabin crew. Your training in communication, team work, first aid, personality development and customer care skills will also be helpful and can also be transferred to other areas of your life. The Course at IGIA conforms to the International standards of airlines’ in-flight operations and hospitality industry. It prepares you to handle the toughest moments in airlines selection.

Education Age Gender Height Weight
10 + 2 17 Years - 26 Years Male / Female 157 cm for Females,170 cm for Males In proportion to height

The students having unblemished complexion and a pleasing personality with a Customer Caring orientation are the most suitable candidates for this career.

Admission is based on Interview/Group Discussion


IGIA’s syllabus is the most exhaustive and comprehensive one with special emphasis being laid upon to develop the core competencies required for Aviation Sector. IGIA conducts Real In-Flight practical orientation with a leading Airline.

1. Common Aviation
Aviation History
Aviation Organisations
Aviation Terminology
Aviation Geography
Time Zones & Time Calculation
Aircraft Familiarisation
Airport Familiarisation
Travel Documents
Customs & Currencies
Phonetic Codes

2. Cabin Crew
Cabin Crew Profession
Crew Member Training
Passenger Handling
In-flight procedures & emergencies
Duties after Landing
Flight Evaluation
Passengers with Special Needs
Food Service
Beverage Types
Alcoholic Beverages and

3. Air Ticketing & Reservations
Ticket Policies and Procedures
Luggage and Personal Effects
Computerised Reservation System
Fare Rules & Construction
Passports & VISA
Health Regulations

Meal & Beverage Services

5. First Aid
First aid-General
Shock and Fainting
Bleeding and Wounds
Fractures/Sprains, etc.
Respiratory Problems

6. Hospitality
Front office operations
Food & Beverage management
F&B Service
Flight catering operations

7. Personality Development
Group Discussions
Personal Hygiene & Grooming
Hair & Skin Care
Interview Techniques
Resume writing



IGIA offers all its Cabin Crew trainees Real In-flight practical orientation with one of the leading Airlines without any extra cost. Willing students can also be sent to foreign countries for Practical exposure at a cost.

Swimming Classes as per International Standards (Optional at Select Centers only)


Effective communication has today become an all important and omnipotent weapon to climb the ladder of success in every profession. It is something that can be ill afforded to be neglected. In its mission to help in the all round development of all its students, IGIA provides free Englab Spoken English classes to interested IGIA students. Englab is a scientifically designed training module for learning to speak fluent English. It uses the most important and the inherent ways of learning a language. All the IGIA students can benefit with this complimentary training and face the world with a new confidence.

IGIA also offers free personality development program “Leap” to all its students. This program is designed to build a cordial and confident personality by generating positive self-image. Participating on the personality development program, trainees are expected to be able to optimize all their potential.

Comprehensive curriculum allows students to master every skill and expertise required. And all the knowledge gained from this program is complemented with behavior management techniques and dressing etiquette mastery. The program Leap includes highly interactive and energetic sessions that can transform a personality. The methodology used for this ensures that even the de-motivated candidates feel enthusiastic and it has a lasting impression not only in their professional lives but their personal lives as well. It‘s specially designed to develop the soft skills of the individual by putting each person in a virtual situation where he/she can't escape learning and improving on these vital life skills. Being a confident person and an effective communicator is one of the most valuable assets a young man or woman of the world can possess these days. While IGIA offers all this for free to its students, it ensures that when it comes to expressing themselves, they wouldn't be limited by anything. Special career oriented presentations, group discussions, and other people and soft skills are taught thoughtfully to our students. At our select centers we also prepare in-video presentations that can later on be used by candidates in furthering their job prospects. Live expressively!


IGIA has formed training association with world’s leading CRS Amadeus to train its students on this system.

A team of well-qualified and experienced trainers conduct the training. Our trainers are regularly put through advanced training programmes to continuously update their knowledge and hone their skills.

Amadeus India training initiatives have been widely recognized and accepted and this is substantiated by the fact that Amadeus India was the recipient of the PATA Grand Award for excellence in the field of training in the year 2001.

As a part of your Diploma, you need to complete a minimum of 3 months' of Internship/practical experience. You can do this during the course or after the completion of the 9 months of classroom training. In case you decide to do this during the classroom training the exams would still be held at the end of one year course duration. Your course shall not be completed without internship. *Internships for the students scoring 75% marks on the Internship Recommendation Tests would be arranged by IGIA. Others would arrange for themselves.

With the continued expansion in the air transport industry, airlines are seeking thousands of applications from good quality people with the right knowledge and personality for the job of Cabin Crew. A candidate undergoing this course has multiple career opportunities lying open for her / him. With foreign airlines also hiring Indian Crews, the whole world is yours to fly.

This is a high flying career that offers high salaries, superb perks, excellent working environment and above all to do what you always wanted to do. To be over the world.

It is a career where your skills will be in high demand. Airline Industry - as Air hostess, flight steward, traffic assistant, ticketing / reservation staff, Customer service agent, Sales / marketing staff, Airline call centres etc.

JHospitality Industry
as front office staff, F&B Executive, Housekeeping executive, customer care executives etc.

Cruise Ships
as steward / stewardess, Customer service Executive, F&B Coordinator, etc.

Travel agency
as counter staff, tour Coordinator, reservation staff, etc.

Cargo Agency
in administration, sales, space booking, etc.

1. Why don’t you provide any other foreign language as some other institute provides?
In the current aviation industry scenario most of the passengers are from Indian origin and that is why Airlines hardly ask for any foreign language from its cabin crew. Also the International airlines always have their own nationals (their local Cabin Crew) on international flights so there is hardly any need for foreign language training. But still anybody who knows a foreign language is a good option.

2. What if we don’t get job after doing this course?
Airlines generally prefer the applicants who have got some hospitality or service industry experience. So the students who don’t directly get an Airlines job, it is advisable for them to join the service sector like a Star hotel/ Travel agency/ tour operators or a BPO for Airlines processes. In some time they should expect to get an opportunity to work with an Airline with the help of their more confident persona and proven experience of customer care.

3. How does IGIA provide job assistance?
We provide Job assistance for 1 ˝ years after the successful completion of the course. We expect our students to get a job in this much period only. If they don’t get a job offer within this period; our counselors will try & help the student in identifying and analyzing the reasons and suggest a remedial action to follow and prepare a career path that could be followed to achieve the ultimate career goal.

4. Do you provide job assistance for International Airlines?
Yes we do provide job assistance for International airlines and international travel agencies who can place and post you abroad for their international operations.

5. Do you provide in-flight training?
It is important to understand as to what is the basic requirement to obtain a job in Aviation industry. Our students go for a day in-flight training for giving them a firsthand exposure to the Cabin crew Job profile and understand as to what to expect from this career. Our students know that when they will be selected by any airlines they have to compulsorily undergo training by the airlines according to its own procedures and safety rules prescribed by DGCA on that particular type of Aircraft that they will be flying on after their selection.

6. What teachers you have? Are they experienced in the same field?
IGIA's Faculties are drawn from the respective fields who are not only professionals from the industry but have shown and proven themselves in passing on their knowledge to the student fraternity. We also call various professionals from the respective fields to share their knowledge and experience. The various topics from the curriculum are covered by different faculties having the expertise of the same.

7. Does IGIA give swimming classes?
We train the Cabin Crew students as per the international airlines swimming standards for a month at a prominent swimming pool of the city.

8. How many hours a day are the classes for?
Three hours a day for initial months which are then made 2 hours after that according to the prescribed syllabus.

9. Who conducts the First-Aid classes?
We have doctors visiting us from Saint Jones Ambulance society especially for the first aid training for Cabin Crew trainees.

10. Which CRS (Computerised Reservation System) is taught to the Cabin Crew students.
IGIA provides the Amadeus; which is globally the most widely used CRS by the Aviation industry.


Most Banks in the country offer attractive education loans for students. For the benefit of prospective students at IGIA, we have tied up with premier nationalized banks Corporation Bank, HDFC and few other Banks. All these give the following advantages to students applying to IGIA :

Cover almost all courses of IGIA
Include tuition fees, books cost, hostel fees
Speedy disposal of loan applications.

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