To provide a wider horizon and more options to choose from we have also tied-up with Basair Aviation College in Australia. It again has been selected with due diligence and is among one of the world’s best pilot training centers. With its large land area and tropical weather, Australia remains as one of the favorite destinations for flying training.

Basair is the largest flying college in Australia.

Basairhas graduated students that now fly in over 40 airlines around the world!
They operate a fleet of over 70 aircraft, which is the third largest commercial fleet in Australia, behind only QANTAS and Virgin Blue.

Since Basair was founded in 1991, over 4,500 customers have chosen to fly with Basair. Basair caters for a wide range of customers, from those that want a simple joy flight over Sydney Harbour -- to students studying for Commercial Pilot Licences, multi-engine endorsements, instrument flying and instructor ratings.

All of their flight training is provided to a very high quality. They have an excellent, structured competency based curriculum - which means students typically achieve a commercial pilot licence in 8 months.

Flying training is a specialised field that requires professionalism, a real emphasis on safety, and of course - a sense of humour. You need to feel comfortable at your school, and with your instructor. You need a school that has a solid reputation for quality and one that provides you with value for money. You also want a school that prides itself on keeping customers happy.

Basair have a wide range of quality training courses, a diverse fleet of aircraft maintained to the highest standards, a building with the best in facilities and most importantly - a professional team of instructors. And flying is always great fun at Basair!

Basair offers accredited courses for Certificates in Aviation for Private and Commercial Pilot licence level, plus Certificate, Diploma and professional Pilot Series courses for career pilots. These courses are accredited by the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) of NSW, Australia. This accreditation is recognition of the quality of Basair courses, and is your guarantee of a high standard.

They also have an extensive video library, and are developing a complete computer aided briefing system.

Overseas student accreditation - CRICOS
Basair is listed on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Their CRICOS number is 01552D.

Basair’s instructors are all trained professionals, and are continually being evaluated and retrained to maintain the highest standards. Flying training is a personal experience between you and your instructor. At Basair your instructor will get to know you, how you fly, what your strengths and weaknesses are. Additionally, the Chief Flying Instructor oversees all training, and will happily discuss your training with you at any time.

Aircraft Fleet
Basair’s large fleet of over 70 aircraft is diverse. With a selection of different types available for you to hire, the Basair fleet is one of the most comprehensive in the region. Some of their advanced touring aircraft are even equipped with the latest satellite navigation system. From the basic trainers, to the advanced multi engine turbo-charged aircraft, there is certainly an aircraft to meet your needs.

Basair has three campuses at Bankstown, Cessnock and Archerfield campuses, and are the largest flying school in Australia. They have sufficient aircraft and instructors to ensure that all of the students can fly the required number of hours in the required time frame.

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